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Welcome to my Bali Mummy blog, where you can read about the misadventures of my life as a mother, a teacher, and an all-around kook 😜

As you explore my site, you’ll find quite a various collection of topics, not only mummy-related 😉

The Bali Mummy takes you to a blog of my personal rants, thoughts, and ramblings, as well topics such as spirituality and my journey to find it.

Blog of Misadventures is my personal mummy blog which covers my personal journey and misadventures as a mother of two, my homeschool family, and life in Bali.

Mummy-Hood is my general motherhood blog which is more general and covers more topics mummy-related such as pregnancy & birth and recipes.

Read will take you to a collection of stories and poems, both original and personal favourites.

Musical Madness will take you to my original music and links to different playlists.

Learn Something New is my personal favourite because this menu will take you everywhere to learn new things, covering topics such as Science, History, Religion and Mythology, to Superheroes and Theories!

Have fun exploring the Bali Mummy world and I hope you enjoy being part of my manic life as much as I enjoy living it! 🖤

Pistachio x

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